The Lexington Story


This is the story of how our daughter, Lexington Grace, was conceived. I (Chris), originally wrote our experiences down to share with our family and as a way to never forget what we had gone through.

We experienced a miracle. This miracle happened when we hit rock bottom in our journey to becoming parents. When the door to adoption closed, when the door to foster parenting closed, when our new landlord forced us out of our rented house, and when the doctor told us it wasn’t even worth trying to conceive anymore because we only had a 3% chance. During this time at the rock bottom is when God answered our prayers. We chose to write our story because it shouldn’t go untold. We never want to forget our journey and this miracle, and we want as many people as possible to hear just how good God is. We know that not everyone story ends like this, but we also know that just when you think you’ve reached your breaking point, when you think that it’s impossible to try one more thing, to face one more day, God is with you and He knows exactly what you are going through.

Evaporation Line: How/why we decided to try to have a baby so early on in our marriage. Read Chris’ Take HereChris Read Katie’s Take Here: Katie

The First Year: Month after month of trying, we begin to realize that something isn’t quite right. Chris

October 2014: We experience the pain of a miscarriage. Chris

The Fertility Doctor: A visit to a fertility specialist ends in Chris on the floor. Chris

Cycle Monitoring: Warning: this story contains talk of timed-intercourse 😉  oh and lots of tests, doctors and “samples”. Chris

Infant Adoption: We start exploring some other options to becoming parents. Chris

Fertility Medication: Some more timed intercourse 😉  and we continue to experience the ups and downs that is infertility. Chris

IUI Round 1: The most action packed, suspense filled and outrageous story of attempted conception you’ll read today. Chris

Foster Care: We begin down the path to becoming foster parents. Chris

IUI Round 2: Another attempt at an IUI. Chris

Rock Bottom: Everything falls apart. Chris

IVF: We struggle with if IVF is a viable option for us and start taking steps. Chris

More Tests: We begin down the road of IVF. Chris

Our IVF Plan: We learn the specifics around what our IVF cycle will look like. Chris

Answered Prayer: A trip to NYC and a life-changing miracle. Chris