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Infertility can be isolating and many couples feel like they can’t share their struggles and their stories with those close to them. Whether it’s shame, embarrassment, or simply thinking that no one will understand, it’s really hard to share what you and your partner are struggling with. That’s why TTC communities online are so important. They provide an outlet for people all around the world who are going through similar battles to come together for encouragement, prayer and simply to be understood.

It took Chris and I a year and a half of struggling alone before we shared our struggles with anyone. It’s the biggest regret of our infertility journey. This blog has been an amazing outlet for us and it has been therapeutic to write out exactly how we are feeling. It has also led to some amazing conversations between us and has driven us closer together in our marriage. We wanted to use our platform to provide other couples with the same opportunity to share their stories. Stories from real men and women who are battling or have battled infertility and miscarriage. This will be a place to come together where we can pray for one another, as well as celebrate our victories, no matter how big or small. To share your story, email us at

We are more than infertility!

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