Who We Are and Why We Share


Hello! We are Chris and Katie, an average couple from New Hampshire. We started dating junior year of high school and got married five years later. Everything was perfect… until we decided to try to have a baby. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Like so many couples, we struggled (and still struggle) with infertility.

For two years, we didn’t tell one person what we were dealing with. For some reason, we thought it was best to internalize the pain and heartbreak we were experiencing. Looking back on our journey, this is the biggest regret either of us has.

We decided to create this blog as a way of showing others going through infertility that they are not alone. That there is nothing shameful about struggling with it. That it’s okay to find the humor in the crazy situations that infertility gets you into. And that God works even the worst of situations for good and for His Glory.

We’re glad you stopped by! If you want to share your story, need some encouragement or just want someone to pray for you please reach out!

Email: SteppingIntoGraceBlog@gmail.com

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